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Dealing With A Tailgater

Dealing With A Tailgater

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I think everyone at one point in time or another has either been or has themselves tailgated. I live in a city notorious for it’s horrible drivers. It has even been the centre of a province wide scandal of road test examiners being bought off for licenses.

Anyways, through the years I’ve encountered numerous instances of being tailgated (and yes – tailgated myself). How I’ve reacted to being tailgated has also varied quite a bit as I’ve spent more time on the road.

There’s the whole I’m going to mash on my brakes and give you a scare tactic. This is probably the most dangerous and also aggrevates the tailgater even more.

Then there’s the I’m going to mash on my gas and leave you in my dust. Well this is also dangerous but not only that you’ll probably end up speeding and could end up with a potential ticket.

Then there’s the slow down and force them to pass. This is probably the safest and most common instruction in various defensive driving courses etc.

I’m not sure if this happens elsewhere however it certainly happens a lot here, where there are some idiots that just tailgate you for the sake of it. You slow down, pull over to the next lane, do everything and anything to give them way to pass, but what gives?! They just want to be right up on your tail.

Well I know this certainly isn’t recommended, however I find it is a very effective deterrent. This is especially effective if you’re travelling at speed on a highway and you’re being tailed. I’ve started to wait for the car to come right up close and then I simply spray my windshield fluid. This on most vehicles results in overspray flying behind your vehicle and onto the car behind you. For some bizarre reason it bothers people regardless of whether their car is freshly washed or covered in bird poop.

The mist usually stays in the air long enough to land on a car behind you even if they’re 2 car lengths back. I’m sure many people have experienced this and are equally annoyed. I’m not sure why it strikes a nerve, but it has certainly annoyed me a few times after cleaning my car and whilst cruising at a leisurely pace a few car lengths back behind another car cleaning their windshield.

I’ve found this highly effective in making the car either backoff or change lanes. If they don’t get the hint the first time doing it a few times certainly drives the point home. You can also always play it off like you’re minding your own business too if they drive by all angry.

Anyways I assume absolutely no responsibility if you should some how end up in or cause an accident with this info.

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  1. Darn, if I had known 2 weeks back I would’ve tried this in Shanghai and posted any results!

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