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Main Street Days & Sister J’s Soul Summit

Main Street Days & Sister J’s Soul Summit

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So Saturday I checked out my friend’s band Sister J’s Soul Summit. It was their first gig which was held at the Main Street Days street festival. The Main Street Days is very similar to Kits Days in Kitsilano/Kerrisdale where they cordon off certain side streets to accomodate for various gigs and tents of various things. I think this is the 3rd? annual Main Street Days and it was partially organized by Lorna the co-owner of Bodacious which is a pretty well known store catering to women’s funky and fun fashions sized 10-24.

Anyways I went primarily to check out my friend playing in his band Sister J. The band covers a lot of old-school funk, soul, R&B, and disco hits. They definitely worked the crowd like crazy. It drew a huge crowd I must say. I stayed after they finished to check out some of the other acts and talentwise they definitely had it all together (and I’m not just saying that because my friend is in the band). It’s cool how good groovy music draws a crowd of all ages with kids all the way up to seniors gyrating to the musical delight.

Sister J's Soul SummitThis is Sister J’s Soul Summit. From left to right: My buddy Chris “C-Note” Yip on the guitar & vocals, Paul “P-byte” Peterson on the drums & vocals, Joellel “Sister J” Lush-Tatem with the lead vocals, John “Soloflex” Scott on the bass & vocals, and finally Lincoln “the Oracle” Tatem on the keys and vocals as well.

Jamming MoreHere’s Chip just going nutso on his axe breaking it down. Just as nutso (in a good way of course) when he starts doing the wailing “WOAHOHOH” vocals 🙂

Crowd GatheringAs soon as they started the crowd just kept growing. I noticed numerous people crossing the street purposely to see what was going on. Many of whom ended up grabbing seats and sticking around for the entire set. This happy camper had a nice spot on dad’s shoulders.

Chip JammingSome more playing and wild vocals from everyone in the band and all the young and young at heart are feeling the beats.

Kids Dancing Some people cleared out of the way in order to make room for those that wanted some more room to groove and move. The kids really liked it a ton and were just going dance crazy over a cover of ::wikipedia(Chaka Khan, Chaka Khan)::.

Sister J Sister J's Soul SummitIt was a totally fun vibe happening at Main and 28th with a ton of people just enjoying a Solly’s Bagel, and the live music throughout the day. I missed the first band that played before Sister J, however I did catch a few of the ones afterwards. Unfortunately I can’t remember all their names.

Other BandUnfortunately as you can see here, the crowd died down for the rest of the bands. This duo played predominantly country and folk and as a result lost the majority of the younger crowd. JRFM showed up however with their street squad and were handing out some JRFM bumper stickers, albeit not very many people were there to hand them to.

Band I was on my way down to the next block Main & 27th to check out the ::wikipedia(Capoeira, Capoeira):: demonstration when I bumped into this duo that was playing some really darn good folk music out the back of their old Chevy. Since they were playing midway between the two blocks they caused quite a congestion in front of the grocery store on the sidewalk.

The rest of the festival was very neat with much to see, eat and do. There was also a very dedicated and nice guy handing out leaflets about the upcoming Peace Walk happening in conjunction with the World Peace Forum in Vancouver on June 24th which I’ll be attending. It will be featuring Cindy Sheehan otherwise referred to as the “Peace Mom” and other speakers from all around the world. I remember seeing her on the news a little while back and it was quite moving.
You can find out some more info about the walk here at the World Peace Forum site or at Vancouver’s Anti-War Coalition site.

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  1. Right on, brother! Thanks for a most excellent write-up. You made our front page.


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