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GMapped Mapping Plugin For SlimStat

GMapped Mapping Plugin For SlimStat

2,595 views Since it was Spewed out 13 years, 8 months ago at 2:13 am

Here’s another plugin I’ve created for SlimStat to allow you map your visitors onto a Google Map. This plugin requires my modifications to SlimStat that allow it to track cities as well as latitude and longitude coordinates. If you haven’t modified your SlimStat you will definitely need to do that first. Instructions to modify it can be found here.
This plugin in it’s current state has only been tested with Firefox.

Before you install this plugin be aware that you must have modified SlimStat to track cities, as well as you will need a Google Map API Key for your own site.

The Google Map PHP API is a slightly modified version of Monte Ort’s creation here. I’ve modified it so that it retrieves using CURL instead of fopen since on some servers that has been disabled due to security. If you find you get errors using the one I included simply download Monte’s original.

GMapped This is what GMapped produces once you have been tracking cities for awhile. Since I had SlimStat installed for awhile there are some records in the database that do not contain coordinates to plot on the map, therefore it does not show all the records. It will show the same records as what is displayed when you view Paths.

To install simply extract the archive into the plugins directory and make a few changes to the index.php to include your Google Map API Key and to change the references to the browser icons if necessary.

You will also need to add the following to the /slimstat/_css.css file:

/* GMapped */
.gmapSidebarItem {
list-style: none;
border-bottom: 1px dotted #ccc;
background-color: #eee;
padding: 2px 2px 3px 3px;
#sidebar_mymap {
width: 200px;
height: 450px !important;
overflow : auto;
border-bottom: 1px solid #369;

After you’ve done all that you just need to wait for enough visitors to be logged with coordinates and you’re set.

Latest Version:


Version History:

v0.1 – June 8, 2006

  • Initial Release

Feedback, suggestions, bugs etc can be posted here or in the Google SlimStat Group

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9 Comments, Comment or Ping

  1. Hi !

    I’ve just install this plugin and it works on Safari 1.3.2 on MacOS 10.3.9
    I’ve just give a try whith my current ip and the localization is not so accurate ! Oh, I’ve forgot to mention I am living in France, in Toulouse. The localization show a place in the middle of the France, far away from Toulouse. Maybe it is a default value for the Maxmind database used on Your Track Cities plugin. 😉

    Anyway, great work !

    I’ve notice a plugin call Webrank on your screenshot : could your tell me more ?


  2. Yes it relies on the city database which according to Maxmind the accuracy is I quote ” Approximately 97% on a country level and 60% on a city level for the US within a 25 mile radius”

    I’ve also found that it ends up tracing to my ISP’s headoffice geographical location. So it gives you an idea, but by no means would I heavily rely on it.

    The PageRank plugin was something I was looking at doing for tracking Google PageRank however it’s still in the works and from my research I’ve discovered that the sites that offer PageRank info are actually violating Google’s Terms of Service since there is no official API for it.

  3. Nice bit of code, all works well with Firefox, but IE6 dies with operation aborted. There is something on other groups that say

    ‘Enclose your JavaScript code into a function and then execute it through a body onload event.’

    will fix the problem but I haven’t made any attempts to hack the code. Not confident enough to do this.

    cheers – Victor

  4. GravatarXitag

    In my slimstat, the google map doesnt load, the map is gray :/

  5. Xitag did you remember to sign up for your own Google Map API key? If not that usually results in the grey map. Otherwise you’ll need to provide more details.

  6. GravatarMichael

    I am also getting the same grey screen, and an empty locations list. Is this a known issue? I do have a correctly registered Google Maps API code that works elsewhere. Is GMapped compatible with the current Google Maps API? Thanks!

  7. GravatarAndrew

    I’ve put in my Google Map API key but I also get a grey screen, presumably this plugin no longer works?

  8. If I ever get time to come back to this, I’ll certainly take a look and you’ll find the solution on here. However for the foreseeable future, I won’t be actively working on this plugin. On top of that Stephen Wettone hasn’t touched slimstat in an equally long time, the slimstat forums are relatively quiet, it would all suggest a waning interest in this software.

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