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Updated Paths Plugin For SlimStat

Updated Paths Plugin For SlimStat

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The default Paths plugin that comes with SlimStat is great for getting a quick glimpse into your site statistics. However there were certain things about it’s functionality that did not suit my useage habits, so I made some tweaks.

First of all although I had enabled recording of the user_agent string in my installation there was no real way of accessing that information easily. SlimStat is made to be simple and provide quick information at a glance which it does, but I wanted a way of viewing the sometimes vital extra information that SlimStat does not include.

Also when I viewed where the referrer’s were coming from the external link would open within the same window, which is a pain in the butt to then have to click back again.

Also with my modification to SlimStat to record cities as well as latitude and longitude, I wanted to view this city data not just in the details screen

PathsAs a result this is what I have come up with.

  • Cities are displayed to the right of the country.
  • External links are targeted to a new window (since I use tabbed browsing, a new tab)
  • Hovering over the browser displays the user agent string, or clicking on it will “alert” you of the string

To use this plugin you will need to have modified your SlimStat to track cities. You can learn more about that here

Latest Version:


Version History:

v0.1 – June 08, 2006

  • Display cities
  • Display user_agent string
  • Load external links in new window

As usual feedback and suggestions are welcome and can be left here or in the SlimStat Google Group

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  1. GravatarPatrick Harris

    Hey – good job. Unfortunately Stephen Wettone hasn’t developed Slimstat for almost a year now. It would be useful to remove the calls to the ip to country database, and replace it with the maxmind database.

  2. Just to say that I really appreciate you sharing your work. Its a shame that Slimstat hasnt been updated for a while as its a great little script. People like you keep it alive.

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