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Alright I’ve been using Pandora for a long long while now. It’s been my secret pleasure discovering new music. It makes use of the music genome project and it is very similar to Moodlogic. It basically makes use of a very human analysis and break down of songs by over 400 different qualities. What sets it apart from Moodlogic is the fact that it is done right.

Moodlogic’s problem was that it requires a download and essentially is only useful for making a mix CD and that’s about it. It could be more powerful, however it does not help you find new music.

What makes Pandora work is it is quick and accessible. It allows you to listen to music you do not own and provides great information on why it presents the music it does to you. If you want it even conveniently links you over to Amazon and iTunes for quick purchases.

Another plus with Pandora is it seems to be great at picking up on Indie artists as well, things from local garage bands to mainstream pop. It has it all. If you want to save your stations you’ll need to set up a user account, but even that is done right. It’s quick, pain free and doesn’t require jumping through your email to verify various things.

Music for the people, the way it should be.

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