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Paulo Coelho Blows Me Away

Paulo Coelho Blows Me Away

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I finally had the chance to really pick up and read Paulo Coelho’s “The Alchemist”. I’m normally the type of reader that likes to discover a gem of a book hidden admist the obscure. However I ventured this time with a best seller. Apparently it’s been translated into numerous languages and has been a best seller in Latin America for quite some time.

Thank goodness for the 24 hour coffee shop that is close to my house. I decided to go to the coffee shop to relax and read a bit thinking I’d spend an hour or so. Yeah well I ended up reading from cover to cover. It took about 3 hours, minus the time I spent chatting to Karen an old highschool friend who I bumped into at the shop and the stranger who shared my table/couch. So it’s definitely a quick read.
This book can be definately called inspirational as it is constantly strumming your introspective strings. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone going through any personal or professional changes in their lives. There’s a certain magic to the eloquence in the storytelling. It conveys so much in its simplicity. It’s smooth and calming yet exciting and enticing as this exotic story flows along. This fable in it’s simplicity makes for a calming much like a bed time story from grandma.

It touches on everything vital in life. The pursuit of dreams, following your heart, exploring the spiritual, discovering things of importance, finding “home, this was simply amazing and magical for me. I’d recommend it to anyone.

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