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Juniper Point

Juniper Point

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Today I had the chance to go back to one of my favourite locales. It’s called Juniper Point. For the smart and savvy they can figure out exactly where that is. I do this for fear that too many others will discover its beauty. Although quite honestly it’s labelled by signs for anyone within the vicinity.

Juniper TreeI’m presuming it was given its name by the Juniper tree that is clinging so ruggedly at the edge of the point. I like ::wikipedia(Juniper, Juniper):: trees almost just as much as I like ::wikipedia(Joshua tree,Joshua):: trees. There’s just something about both of them that strike me as trees that have souls or a story to tell.

You can check out this panorama I took.

Juniper Point

Cliff SideAnyways I spent a good deal of the day there today climbing a few routes. The weather finally cleared up enough for me to go outside and not worry about wet holds. I realized I’m horribly out of practice as a few of the rocks got the best of me. I didn’t get a chance to do any bouldering but that was alright. Here’s one of the routes I tried to hit. It’s probably a hard 5.10 or 5.11 if you decide to traverse left. I hear it takes about 2 weeks of constant climbing to get back in the groove.

Regardless you can imagine the beauty of hanging off the side of a cliff dangling over an endless ocean. With the waves lapping gently below, lulling you into a sweet trance with nature.

I met a few tourists that are here for the summer and we ended up exchanging info. A Frenchman named Remi Marten (which I found quite amusing), a Portuguese guy named Vasco and some real quiet “stay away from the West Coast guy” Quebecois. It was definitely interesting conversing with this bunch. Especially with the differences. Like their offers to pay for part of my “petrol” should I organize a Squamish trip with them

TreeI got pretty beat up by the rocks a few time, but there’s certainly nothing that beats the feeling of topping out on a route you’re struggling on. The only sign of injury this time is a mildy scraped shin from a small fall that resulted in me swinging about 10 feet across the face.

Well that’s about it, since my fingers are pretty sore from jamming them into odd shaped crevices and cracks. *note* it sucks when you happen to be clinging to the side of a rock face and you slide your finger right up against a hornet.

Well next time I’m out there I’m going to see if I can get WiFi (there’s cell service out there), just to see if it’s actually possible to re-enact one of those royalty free photos of someone sitting on the edge of a cliff surfing the net. That’s quite amazing seeing that sometimes I barely get a signal sitting in an office building.

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