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Kiva Is Great

Kiva Is Great

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This is probably one of the most innovative and encouraging ways you can help someone in the developing parts of the world and I would encourage anyone to get in on this. The name Kiva is also quite appropriate for what they’re doing I would say. All you need is paypal. This is truly using technology to empower people who wish to micro-finance. The idea and implementation is simply great. You act as an investor loaning your money out to help people who are starting small businesses in developing countries.

This isn’t a charity organization that simply hands out supplies etc (those are needed too), however it is a way to give people the ability to take care of themselves. It empowers these people and allows them the opportunity to make something for themselves. You can give a micro-loan of as little as $25 and many of the loans are around $500-$1000 so it’s fairly quick that you can see these businesses get off the ground.

They keep you posted about the entire process and where your money is going and what it is being used for. You manage your loans that you give out like you would any financial portfolio. You have the ability to browse which business ideas/people you would like to loan/sponsor to and obviously you can do more than one. Most of the loans are also repaid within a year.

When you browse businesses you’ll get a quick run down on what sort of business they are looking at starting. Some businesses will seem more bizarre than others, but keep in mind these are people who are in less developed places and their options are slimmer.


Woo hoo the $800 needed for the business I was loaning to has been raised! You can see the business I loaned to here. This is the power you can see in real time. In a mere 10 days from when I posted this business went from $0 funding to full $800 required. If you like you can click on the image and loan to the same business and we can get it going off the ground real soon. This particular business only needs a total of $800. As little as $25 isn’t very much to part with for a while. Besides, you’ll get back what you loan and at that point you can re-loan it to another business or withdraw it.

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