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Cool Software For A Mac

Cool Software For A Mac

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…if only I had a Mac. *sob*

Well here’s some cool software I’ve encountered over the years for which I wish I owned a Mac. First up are the Free / Open-Source softwares you can get. Which leads me to the question: Why do Macs have all the cool free software?


Utilizing the i-Sight and your Mac you can take some super sweet timelapse videos. Eg. a snail moving at fast pace, flowers opening etc. It also does motion detection, so you can set up pointing at a birdfeeder for example and so your video will only consist of when a bird is there doing something.

Happy New Year

This program lets you easily create calendar cards to insert into old CD jewel cases to give them a new life as a calendar. It integrates with iPhoto to let you pic and choose the monthly photographs utilized. Drag and Drop easy!

Happy Holidays

And from the same makers as Happy New Year, comes this one for making those often humurous looking holiday photo cards. (or cards for any purpose I suppose).


This is a cool chat application that lets you view your Campfire chats (a popular business/group collaboration chat) in a standalone program. Extra useful, gets points from me.


Plots all your intended routes for a workout, run, hike, travel, etc utilizing information from your GPS. For me this is cool finally something to do with all the track data in my Garmin. Anyways if that wasn’t cool enough, you can then spit out the planned routes onto “nanomaps” for your ipod nano, or regular ipod or cellphone. On top of that this one gets super duper nerd points for being able to export to KML which means you can view your tracks in Google Earth (which I absolutely does my dad…if it makes that any less geeky).

Not For Free:

Delicious Library

This one is super cool using a Mac along with the i-Sight camera you can scan the barcode off a book/dvd/cds/games etc to create a visual library of your collection automatically.

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  • Not feeling safe at night? How about a table that turns into a shield and bat?

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