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The Crazy Week

The Crazy Week

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So it’s been another crazy week. So much has happened and much has been flying by. There’s been numerous things running on what I thought were parallel tracks that are now turning into converging tracks. By all means this is NOT a bad thing. It’s just making me far more focused, determined and passionate. That’s on the more serious side of life. I’ll leave that for another post when I have more time.

In the meantime on the personal enjoyment side of things here’s some of the events I checked out.

Lions vs ArgonautsThe BC Lions vs Toronto Argonauts game. It’s been forever since I’ve been to a Lions game and it couldn’t be better with such exciting play the Lions put out Friday (Thanks Jordan for the tix & Melissa for the invite). Not to mention the exciting play by the horde of security guards and single policeman for escorting out a rowdy fan in our section.

Saul Berson QuintetSaturday I managed to get a ton of work done in the morning which allowed me the novelty of checking out the Canada Day festivities and last few shows of the Jazz Festival down on Granville Island. The two shows I caught were at Performance Works which is a great location, since you can opt to sit outside on the grassy knoll and still get a good feel for the show. The first gig I caught was the Saul Berson Quintet which provided some great jazz beats and amazing accordian playing.

Rumba CalzadaAfter Saul Berson was the Rumba Calzada. They’re a super popular local band and never disappoint. Playing a fusion mix of salsa, jazz, and Afro-Cuban rhythms they got everyone up on their feet and dancing. It was a totally kicking vibe. As such I left my laid back stargazing position on the grassy knoll to get in to the funktastic action.

Rumba Calzada The music was amazing and they had a special guest playing with them that night. I believe his name was Vincent Mah who’s from Edmonton and plays the trumpet. His solos were stellar! The music was a great mix for the warm night air and the Gastown amber ale from the brewery.

Kaila Sunday I went back to catch a few more shows seeing as it was the end of the Jazz Festival. I took my dog Kaila with me and we just hung out listening to the Jennifer Scott Quartet. Being surprisingly well behaved I took Kaila for a walk all around Granville Island and even checked out a few Buskers performing. I did have to leave however after one of the performers decided to don a superhero type costume with a whip. Kaila wasn’t too down with that and stole the show with her incessent barking.

C’est la vie.

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