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Generational Mashups

Generational Mashups

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It certainly is a trend on the rise. What is intended for a specific demographic being a huge hit with a completely different demographic. Being more specific, the age demographic seems to be one that is most often skewed lately.

Auto manufacturer’s have probably noticed it the most. With vehicles like the Honda Element targeting the youth segment / west coast yuppie being a big hit with the Baby Boomers loving the utility of the vehicle. Then with the Chrysler 300 luxury sedan being an example of the opposite. With it’s Bentley-esqe facade being popular with the younger crowd who want in on that “blinging” look.

Lately I’ve seen this strike over to other areas and even more recently it’s gotten a little close to home. My mom has found a new love for her Hip Hop dance class which she attends for exercise. It’s a class for seniors apparently so it’s not just her. The most disturbing part of this is the fact that I got sent a “Nike Rockstar Workout Hip Hop” dvd that breaks down the moves from Rihanna’s music video for SOS and my mom decides to take it. Nothing is more disturbing than seeing your own mother performing hip thrusting maneuvers.

Then there’s both my parents, their friends, and some seniors that I know who just love the show 24. That generation as I’ve always perceived it, didn’t grow up with TV’s certainly never get fully involved with shows. Well it’s crazy when upon returning from their vacation the first thing my parents ask is “How is Jack? Is everything ok?”. Of course I’m wondering who the heck Jack is. “You know Jack Bauer!” they tell me.
Crazy I tell you! They don’t ask about the house or how I am, it’s “How is Jack?”

Well yesterday took the cake when my 84 year old grandma asks for a video iPod for her birthday. She’s sold on the idea of being able to carry and listen to her various talk shows / music, photographs of her grandkids and videos of her TV shows.

I guess I’ll just have to accept it and continue to observe this interesting shift in generational behavior.

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  1. Reverb,

    I don’t know what to say. I can understand the confusion. I would say this crossover has been progessively getting stronger since I first saw it on the cruise we went together, and that we weren’t the first to hit the dance floor….

  2. LOL! I believe there is an incriminating big 8 1/2 x 11 photograph floating around somewhere of them in precarious positions on the dance floor.

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