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Mary Winkler Can’t Make Bond

Mary Winkler Can’t Make Bond

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So it appears that some things are finally stirring again with the Mary Winkler case. All the speculations surrounding the reasons why she murdered her husband Matthew Winkler the past little while have been put to rest. It looks like the reasons surrounded financial issues that were the subject of ongoing arguments between the couple.

Yesterday the judge of the case Weber McCraw set the written order for bail at $750,000. The defense lawyer stated that the bond essentially equates to “no bond at all”, since Mary is very unlikely able to be able to pay that amount. In various news sources the lawyer Steve Farese Jr makes similar statements.

“I certainly don’t think she’ll be able to make that. I’m just surprised in the amount, but he’s the judge and he makes those decisions. To us, right now, that’s paramount to no bond at all.”

I know the judge must pass unbiased judgement, but I can’t help but think that perhaps that is the point. For the bail to be set so that the court can go through the proper legal actions without necessarily permitting bail.

Well if she or her family is able to post the bail, then she’ll end up staying with Rudie and Kathy Thomsen in McMinville, Tennessee. Apparently Matthew Winkler had spent a stint of time in that town for work. Mary still has many close friend there and should have no problem finding work.

The prosecutors of the case haven’t said whether or not they will pursue the death penalty yet, however the case is eligible for that punishment according to Judge McCraw.

“The court finds that although the state may elect to treat this charge as a death eligible case, it has not made that full declaration. Therefore, the court finds that the law requires the setting of a reasonable bond for the defendant.”

I guess now everyone will be obsessing over the media coverage of whether or not she will be able to post bail as opposed to what her motives for the murder were.

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