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Pacific Crab Co

Pacific Crab Co

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My Overall Informal Rating: 8/10

Pacific Crab Co Oyster Bar & Grill has always been a great location to hang out at. With an equally great view inside as there is outside.

Pacific Crab Co Oyster Bar & Grill

Seating on the patio outside is limited to small numbers so if you’re going with a group larger than 4 you’ll most likely be inside. The great thing is it’s almost the same view.

Cold FusionThere is a simply amazing drink called the “Cold Fusion” which is this flourescent green colour concontion which tastes like liquid candy. You can easily get carried away with this one since it’s just so tasty and goes refreshingly well with all of the food.

Monday’s special is their “Buck a shuck” so for all you oyster lovers it’s a great deal. Although recently the selection has been limited slightly due to having to wait out the Red Tide, there were still a handful selection of Oysters from various other locations unaffected.

Oysters For those who don’t like eating oysters – good that leaves more for the rest of us 🙂 We got a selection of oysters from Fanny Bay and Effingham Inlet. For the essences it’s a must to get a full selection of chilli ponzu, citrus horseradish and cocktail sauce. Tabasco is on tap as well if necessary. Absolutely amazing although the oysters obviously don’t compare to those available down in Portland at Dan & Louis’.

5 Scallop & ChipsFor the main meal I had the 5 Scallops and chips. Instead of deep fried asked for them grilled. It’s probably one of the most well prepared succulent scallops. I would definitely say it beats out Blue Water Cafe’s preparation of scallops.

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  1. We’re thinking about going to Whistler this winter for skiing. It’ll be the first time for us in Canada. Might stop by Vancouver if we have time. Will definitely try to hit up on some quality restaurants to review when we’re up there. Any suggestions?

  2. Well if you’re up in Whistler, be sure to check out Caramba! which has a great selection of food and a wonderful ambience. Service is great and it’s a place your whole family can enjoy.

    If you’re downtown try out Guu at 838 Thurlow. It’s Japanese Tapas so quite different from the typical sushi restaurant. It’s a bit on the loud side which is part of the Japanese ambience with the waiters/waitresses shouting your orders across the room.

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