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Simple Tie Stay

Simple Tie Stay

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Have a bunch of old shirts lying around? There’s another use for them other than scrap fabric. Utilizing the old button holes you can create a simple and elegant solution for keeping your tie in place.

You don’t have to worry about using a tie bar / tie clip / tie tack or anything else that might dimple or blemish your fancy ties this one is completely unobtrusive.

Thanks to the blog about productivity Open Loops you can make one out of your old shirts. Full details here.

Update: I’ve been notified of a company that actually makes these called The Tie Thing.

Still cheaper to make your own or have a tailor snip them for you, but for the lazy and one who might want the fancy packaging for a simple idea. You can get it for $5 USD free shipping is only in the States though.

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  1. Very cool, perhaps I should go to my tailor and just get those made! haha. 🙂

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