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Nokia 6682 vs Nokia 6620

Nokia 6682 vs Nokia 6620

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Like many other Canadian bloggers (especially in Toronto & Vancouver) the viral marketing company Matchstick has provided me with a free cellphone the Nokia 6682. So there’s my disclaimer if you read any hint of bias. However honestly speaking I’ve been using the Nokia 6620 essentially it’s predecessor and have been extremely happy with it.

Nokia & AccessoriesYou’ll probably hear either love or hate for Matchstick as some people have been complaining about their “spamming”. Which quite honestly seems to only be coming from people who found themselves inelligible to receive the free phone. (The main disqualifier is you have to be a Rogers customer). Makes me wonder if they’d be making such a huge stink if they did receive the phone and accessories (which totals approx $500).

Nokia 6682Anyways on with my impressions of this phone. I’ve had it for about 3 weeks now and it was an easy transition to this phone from my previous phone. However although marketed as a mp3/camera phone, it is far more advanced (meaning complicated) than they are willing to market it. It’s certainly not the phone you’d buy for your parents or grandmother.

Having that set aside it’s the poor techno geek’s joy. Although not a full blown PDA phone it is still classified as a Smart Phone. It is a Series 60 (or S60 for short) phone which runs Symbian OS. Since it runs it’s own operating system you can load numerous applications to extend the abilities of your phone. Here’s my main comparisons between the 6620 and 6682.

They downgraded the internal memory on the 6682 to 8MB compared to the 6620’s 12MB, however the good thing is the external memory is far easier to access. On the 6620 you would need to remove the backcover along with the battery meaning you had to turn off your phone. On the 6682 it has a hatch on the side that allows easy access to the reduced size MMC card making it hot-swappable (eg. you don’t have to turn of the phone).

Nokia 6682 vs Nokia 6620They removed the IR capability on the 6682 vs the 6620. Although IR is an older technology I found it very handy. It was easy to get full addresses/contacts zapped to your phone from other people’s PDA’s. Quite honestly people hold onto their PDA’s for much longer than their cell phones and as a result there are many people who’s PDA’s simply do not have bluetooth capability. Not to mention the annoyance of having to pair your bluetooth devices first. IR was simple and it worked. In addition, I had a program that allowed me to utilize the IR port on my 6620 essentially turning my phone into a universal remote.

The omnidirectional button is now a flat button as opposed to mini joystick. I find that it is now easier to accidentally press the wrong direction as opposed to use with the mini joystick. Although it was mini even with large fingers it was an obvious flick in a particular direction.

There is now a slide cover over the camera. This is a huge improvement over the exposed lens of the 6620. Especially for us guys that keep the phone in their pocket, you no longer have to clear the pocket lint from the lens first. I do find that if you place the 6682 in your pocket upside down, it’s very easy to slide open the lens cover. This then turns on the camera automatically, thank goodness there’s auto off.

The software that the 6682 comes with for voice commands is from VoiceSignal. This is possibly the best voice recognition I’ve seen in a phone. It’s also done in such a way it is actually useful. On top of that it requires minimal/no voice training to work. This means it works with anyone’s voice. It automatically can recognize names so you can say “Call Roger Smith” and it’ll call. You don’t have to individually assign voice tags like the 6620 to each name you want to be able to call. In addition if the contact has more than one number it’ll prompt you for which number and again you can simply say either “Home” or “Mobile” etc and it’ll be smart enough to do it. The only voice training you will need to do is if you wish to use the digit dialling. So that’s for if you want to be able to say “Call 1 800 123 12345” and have it call that number. Although technically this software can exist on other phones this does give the Nokia 6682 true handsfree operation with a bluetooth headseat. Very handy when you’re in the car and can’t look down at your screen etc.

Another program it comes with is QuickOffice and Acrobat reader allowing you to read ms office documents and pdf files which is quite handy.

Another new feature of the OS is the “active standby” mode. This presents your present/future calendar events and todo list on the front screen. With 5 icons to commonly used programs which you can set up and customize. If you decide not to use active standby then it reverts to the same style of menu as the 6620. Which means you can customize the 5 programs that you can access depending on which direction you press on the omni directional button.

Some of the new features that didn’t exist on the 6620 that this phone has is the light sensor on the front of the screen which can automatically adjust the screen contrast/brightness based on the lighting around you. It works very well so if you’re in a sunny location it ups the screen contrast and brightness so you can still read your screen.

The 1.3 megapixel camera is definitely one of the better cameras currently available in cell phones in the Canadian market and it takes decent pictures when there is enough lighting. There is an LED flash however pictures taken with that tend to be meager at best.

Like any other Series 60 phone it’s not so much about the hardware but the software that you can load into the phone to hack the features and add extra capabilities.

Some of my favourites from the 6620 that still work on the 6682 are the following:

  • FExplorer – Let’s you truly view all files on your phone allowing you to get rid of the stupid extras
  • Agile Messenger – If you have data access this is a great multi IM program allowing you to chat on MSN, AIM, ICQ, Yahoo.
  • Torch – Turns your phone into a night light / flashlight (you’d be surprised how handy this is for putting a key into the door late at night etc)
  • Nokia Sensor – If you’re into the whole community at large idea this will seek out others running this application around you great fun in the downtown core :)

Now with all these fun programs a lot of people don’t realize that running an OS on your phone is much like how your OS on your computer works. You can have multiple programs open and just like your home computer the more you open the slower your system gets. So remember to exit out of programs properly.

With this phone you can access the task manager by pressing and holding the menu button, to close programs quickly just hover over top the icon of the program and press the “C” button and it’ll prompt you to exit. Or press down on the selection key and you’ll switch to that program. So for those that can’t figure out how to turn of their mp3 player or exit their exciting game of snake.

All in all I’m pretty happy with this phone. Would it be something I would actively recommend to someone? Only if they’re into gadgets. If they’re the type to just want a phone, well you may want something with less menus.

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  1. This is ridiculous, but I have had this phone for months, and didn’t realize the voice activation didn’t require training. Thanks!

    On the other hand, you are pretty generous to the 6682’s camera. Just because it’s one of the better ones out there doesn’t mean it was any good. Well, on its good days it is pretty good. But have you seen the flickr pix coming out of the k800i?

  2. I suppose I am a bit generous but coming from a similar phone in the 6620 and also from a SE T616 prior it’s definitely an improvement. I didn’t know you could get the k800 here. It’s definitely very nice, but then again I would expect those pictures out of a 3.2 megapixel phone any clue on the costs?

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