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Late Night Mental Note

Late Night Mental Note

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Have you ever taken too much time to sit down and reflect about the choices you’ve made and you end up hurling yourself into an endless spiral of self-contemplation and assessment? Again I find myself assessing various situations. I find myself wondering if I’ve betrayed myself and the things that make me who I am for someone or something else. I wonder if I’ve misappropriated time, effort and focused on the wrong things.


I was thinking about how there are 3 key things that come up in most day to day conversations. Work/Money, Love/Relationships and Food/Eating. I’ve observed that when you’re admidst one of these things you’re most likely thinking and talking about the other two.

At work you may find yourself chatting about relationships and where to go eat. Whilst eating you may be chatting about that relationship or thing that happened with work. When you’re in a relationship you’re probably sharing about work and food.

I wonder what all the correlation is. Regardless it certainly seems like these 3 things are common focal points in “Vancouver Culture”. Vancouver certainly has an air about it being laid back. The sad thing is how disconnected people really are in this city. There’s a very common level of superficial demeanor shared amongst the general populus here. It’s sad when you read newspaper articles that find Vancouverites even more unapproachable compared to cities that have been traditionally viewed as hard shelled like New York & LA.

I’d like to think that the impression of being unapproachable is simply a by-product of the laid back almost lazy demeanor of most Vancouverites. I find that if you’re willing to initiate a conversation or action for someone that most people respond very positively. What I can’t understand is why people so rarely do so? I find it frustrating sometimes when you’re feeling like you should greet people you pass walking down your neighbourhood block and the moment they catch your eyes they look down or away to avoid contact.

I find it odd that driving through a certain part of town my parents will still lock the car doors or instruct everyone to. Honestly speaking, when was the last time you heard of anyone getting snatched from a car? Why do we so easily judge based on appearances? Do you really think the homeless guy is going to pull you from your car?

It’s always interesting walking through the Downtown Eastside and seeing the odd stray tourist who’s wandered off to the wrong side of China Town. They see someone who looks extremely disheveled and immediately they grab hold of their purses and wallets. You know if they were going to rob you, I think they wouldn’t be so blatantly holding their up-turned cap begging for money.

It’s not the homeless you have to fear, it’s the guys running the scams and cons you might want to watch out for. Like the guy in his tuxedo that hangs out in the parking lots by the Queen Elizabeth Theatre and Orpheum that claims to have had his wallet stolen and would like to “borrow” some money to get him and his “wife” home. He’s been doing it for at least 6 years now and he’s still running the same bit.

People need to fear less and love more. Love your life, love what you do and love the people around you. Your friends, families, spouses, kids, co-workers, aquaintences, and everyone else you can think of. The world needs more of it.

Relationships are certainly things that provide our lives with vitality.  Sometimes however relationships can take away from the zest of life.  They can be both engaging and enriching as well as encumbering and enslaving.  This is probably something that is extremely underestimated.  The smallest and simplest relationships can turn into the larget most complex beasts in the blink of an eye.  They can morph from a transient relationship with a specific succint purpose to an uninvited and unexpected enigma.  It’s definitely something that needs to be treaded upon carefully.  Ever think about that when you’re dealing with people like your mailman? Business partner? Family? Foe?

Enough thoughts for this night/morn till another day/night.

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  1. GravatarAlex Cuz

    Amen to that. Well written and good contemplative suggestions.

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