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Gillette Fusion Review

Gillette Fusion Review

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Well all over Canada Gillette and their various marketing affiliates have been giving away Gillette Fusion Razors. When they initially came out I had no real urge to purchase this new razor since I already owned the Gillette Mach 3.

So this freebie came as a nice opportunity to see whether there truly was a noticeable difference between 3 and 5 blades (there certainly is a difference between 1 and 3 blades).

Gillette FusionI personally love Gillette razors far more than those offered from Schick.

I suppose the whole 5 blades is to officially one-up Shick’s Quattro razor which one-upped the Mach 3 razor. After testing out the Fusion, I realized you could achieve an equal if not better shave than with the Mach 3. However the key is to apply less pressure than you would with the Mach 3. Just simply glide the razor over a well lathered face and the 5 blades will make easy work of your hairs. You’ll get the same close shave as the 3 bladed version and by applying less pressure you’re less likely to get those funky bumps / razor burns etc.

Is it worth the money? I suppose it is since just like printers, it is cheaper to buy a whole new razor than to buy the cartridges/replacement blades for it.

They have to make their money somewhere right?

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  1. From reading biz magazines, Gilette is one company that really knows how to many money. But really, if you step back, you’d think the upgrade 1 to 3 blades is reasonable, but to five??? Man, can’t they think of other ways to innovate a new product than stacking a couple more blades onto the end of their previous product? Then again, I don’t know how else you’d make shaving a more pleasurable experience. Perhaps including a pretty maid to help you shave? Nah, that’d be too expensive…

  2. LOL if I was Mr Burns rich then nahhh.

    Yeah well if memory serves me correctly Gillette is the company that had monopolized the shaving world at one point I think 90% of men used them. They had nowhere else to make money and thus started marketing / commercializing women shaving their legs. They played a major role in that and opened a new market up essentially.

    Nothing can beat a straight edge razor shave. Unfortunately I think if we go back to those on a commercial basis we’d find too many men running off to the hospital with spurting arteries.

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