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All Things Geo

All Things Geo

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I’ve always had this strong interest in geography. Perhaps it was all those world map puzzles I got as a kid, or all the travelling. In fact I can totally geek out over geography. I love it. From latitude & longitude to the Haversine formula.

The web and digital cameras along with GPS handheld units has created many wonderful opportunities. In the past I’ve used either lat/long converted from gps coords that I’ve had with me or I’ve used the freeware program from Microsoft, WMMX Location Stamper to embed lat/long coords into the EXIF data of images. I then took those images and graphed them onto a Flash Map.

Well there’s a much easier way to do all this now, although possibly (slightly) less accurate. Flickr has encorporated geotagging into their system. There have been a few innovative people who’ve used Flickr’s tagging system to add literal text geotags. However I believe this official Flickr feature actually embeds geodata into the EXIF of the file.

Check it out by going to your Organize Photos page and select the “Map” tab and then dragging and dropping your images onto a world map.

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