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Half Nelson

Half Nelson

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I had the privilege to see this movie Half Nelson starring our own wonderfully Canadian… Ryan Gosling. This movie is refreshingly well made and is extremely well done in my opinion.

I’ve always enjoyed Ryan Gosling’s performances and he’s probably one of the most underrated actors around. I don’t know if it ever made it to syndication in the US, but the majority of Canadians will probably remember him on the show Breaker High.

Anyways in this movie he plays the role of a drug addicted teacher at an inner city school in the Bronx. He probably does one of the most realistic portrayals of a *that* amazing teacher that every student has had. Unlike other movies where the teachers just get portrayed in such a cheesey manner or acted out that way at least. His habits get discovered by a student of his and from there an akward friendship/relationship begins. Each character having their flaws and each with very pivotal circumstances arising. Trust me just go see it, it’s very good. It’s about people, choices, chances, and change.
Only thing I’m not liking right now is how all the critics always over-praise a movie to the point that you expect the film to be some sort of super film that not only blows your socks off but does your laundry and folds your socks as well. Gosling’s performance already has critics pegging it as Oscar worthy, but dont’ get totally distracted by that because Shareeka Epps does an amazing job too.

Here’s the trailer:

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