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When Cats Attack!

When Cats Attack!

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Let me preface this with the fact that I’m a dog owner. Yesterday night I was reminded as to why I don’t like cats. I used to really hate cats. REALLY hate cats. I didn’t like how they seemed ARE so self-absorbed and pretentious (can cats be pretentious?). Yes definitely. Over the years I attempted to make peace with cats. I have numerous friends that own cats. I didn’t dislike their cats…nor did I find any reason to like their cats.

Well I was being all friendly with my friends cat yesterday giving it a nice little chin rub and scratch. Then he flips over and rubs himself against me and the couch and then out of the blue. SHAZZAM! I’m being bitten by a cat. I thought cat’s just scratched? Of course as I’m thinking this he doesn’t release his death bite, but continues and then starts scratching my arm with all 4 of his paws.

So here I am feebly trying to shake free from this cat and of course when cats are biting/clawing, no one around you wants to get near to help lol!

Luckily it’s just a minor scratch…ah but a flesh wound. It also looks like a miniature vampire bit my wrist. Remind me why I try to like cats?

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  1. GravatarCuz Alex

    Those are just the crazy ones! The normal ones are cats who are cute, fun, and mellow. Remember Benny from when you visited me in Eugene?

  2. I remember Benny…I also remember the injury you sustained from him. LOL 🙂

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