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Meg Fowler Rocks

Meg Fowler Rocks

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Meg Fowler – if you don’t know – is a singular person not a band (Unlike Five For Fighting which is a stagename for John Ondrasik and commonly mistaken as more than one). I just realized after typing in the title to this post that some of you might think that Meg Fowler is some new band I’m currently listening to. I love my music and all but alas this is not a new band I have discovered. In fact Meg Fowler is someone I’ve been quietly reading for quite some time.

Not only is her writing witty and humourous it is often just about things that happen in her daily life. It’s very Seinfeld like. I like it. A lot. Not only being Canadian, she’s also from Vancouver which is always extra cool in my books.

The thing I find funniest about her is that she’s been suspended from bible school. It makes me remember how I was dunce capped in Sunday School and ejected from a bible class on numerous occasions. Luckily these days I attend a church that’s rather understanding of my quirks but I’ll save that for another post another day.

Back to Meg. This is probably one of the sweetest (as in “aww” not “cool dude”) posts I’ve ever read. It’s a letter to him. Perhaps it gives me that same guilty pleasure from when I watch romantic comedy films.

So now I’m busted. I’m no longer quietly reading the posts anymore as I’m sure I’ll soon show up on the stats. Anyways I suggest you pay her blog a visit, it’s a mighty good read. In fact when I can’t sleep, can sleep, feeling up, feeling down it’s all the same I still go and read because it’s always a super good read. Plus she comes up with some great memes.

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