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Viva Voce & Bella Rock The Media Club

Viva Voce & Bella Rock The Media Club

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Poster So Friday night I had a wonderful time checking out Viva Voce’s amazing sound live at the Media Club. Opening for them were local Vancouver favourites Bella as well as Shapes & Sizes.

I’ve heard Viva Voce a few different times whilst exploring the depths of various husband & wife bands that were similar to No-Fi Soul Rebellion. You may have even seen a song or two of their’s featured on the sidebar of this blog. Well the recordings do them absolutely no justice live.

Viva Voce Viva Voce is composed of husband and wife duo Kevin & Anita Robinson. They rock a show like no others I’ve seen. They’re skilled and from what I’ve found in married duo bands are they always seem to infuse that same chemistry from their relationship into their music. It just absolutely flows melodic. I can only describe it as an aural delight. The music just hits you on such a deep visceral level.

Anita’s skill on the guitars that she rocks is a rarity and she plays with such finesse it’s extremely hypnotic to watch. It’s almost trance like the semi-sedated expression she posesses whilst she’s plucking insane screams and wails out of the guitar.

Viva Voce The opening act of Bella is as always with Bella…absolutely awesome. What the Georgia Straight readers once voted as Vancouver’s #1 Band still rains true in my heart for this band. There’s not many bands that are around that are on the cutting edge of a polished sound together whilst staying true to their roots and not selling out to the mainstream.

Unfortunately I don’t think I could say the same about Shapes & Sizes. I certainly just wasn’t feeling it with them that night. I wasn’t the only one to have that sentiment as the club quickly cleared out when it was their set. Luckily man came back for the main show Viva Voce. Shapes & Sizes has been getting quite a bit of press and exposure lately and perhaps I had hyped expectations of a good show. The band just seemed like they were all over the place with no cohesion between any of it’s members.

All in all however it certainly was an enjoyable show. I also had the chance to pick up the new Viva Voce CD – “Get Yr Blood Sucked Out” It’s worth picking up to hear some of their new songs. Next on my list of shows to attend, I’ll be going to the Hawskley Workman show at the Commodore tomorrow night.

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  1. So if a band signs to a label or becomes largely successful, they’re “selling out to mainstream”??? Please dont tell me you’re saying they have to be “indie” to be good or “staying true to their root”. Maybe their root was wanting to make it big and/or get a record deal. I’d say that most bands want to be successful, and I’d bet selling only a handful of records VS. truck loads is more fullfilling…
    selling records isnt bad, I think bands want as many people as possible to hear their music. I think it would be silly if bands didnt want to expose their music to it’s highest potential. In my opinion musicians want to share their music, they want people to enjoy it! We should want what the band wants and if that means you end up not caring for the music a band makes then so be it. But I for one think Bella deserves a chance, and I hope all their dreams (whatever they may be) come true. Genuine people, deserve genuine things!

    Just my opinion.

  2. Certainly not, all these bands are already on their respective labels and doing quite well.

    What I meant by selling out to mainstream is there have been numerous wonderful bands where with great success they’ve moved on to signing to a larger label. In turn that larger label has the money to really give that band the exposure and advertising they need which is great but then there is the pressure of all that money backing them to sell well. As a result sometimes that pressure affects the sound that the band then has to provide in order to have that mainstream appeal to sell the X amount of records the label is looking for.

    There’s just this inverted bell curve that represents the creativity and unique sound of a band throughout it’s life. It starts out for the sake of music and great sound, then ends up getting more popular and due to known/unknown influences changes their sound for mass appeal, achieve enough of it to be able to go back to being as creative with their music as they originally were or more.

    Bella is one of my favourite bands so I certainly hope my blog post didnt’ come off like I was suggesting they had “sold out”.

  3. thanks for clearing that up! Makes sense now.
    Being that bella is currently independent and has no label, I think it would be great if they had more exposure and help from a label to do it!

    I understand what you mean about pressure from various directions affecting a bands sound…Hopefully we dont have to worry about that with Bella. I think their sound will please the masses without having to change a thing!

    Glad to see someone blogging about Bella. 😉
    Take care.

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