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Hawksley Workman At The Commodore

Hawksley Workman At The Commodore

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I just got back from checking out the Hawksley Workman show at the Commodore Ballroom tonight. Hawksley Workman is certainly one of Canada’s best artists with clever lyrics and a unique sound that morphs into something new and different with each new disc he releases. However as his sound develops he does not fail in bringing his fans along for the ride and certainly loses none.

There’s so many artists that are so fixed up in the studio that they sound almost unrecognizable live. Hawksley is certainly not one of them. His sound stays true whether you heard him live first and checked out his records or vice versa. He has an extremely strong stage presence and is truly a showman. His chemistry with his band is definitely solid (especially with Mr Lonely on the keys). I must say this is truly one of the best shows I’ve seen in recent memory.

Being one not to disappoint he returned to the stage not once but twice for encore performances. Initially only performing songs from his older albums, upon his second encore he treated us to some tracks of his latest offering.

There was a dude with a straw hat and pinstripe blazer at the front blatantly bootlegging the entire concert to his minidisc recorder. So I’m sure some searching within the next few days will probably turn up some snippets of the live performance somewhere.

Hawksley Workman Hawksley Workman Hawksley Workman Hawksley Workman Hawksley Workman Hawksley Workman Hawksley Workman Hawksley Workman Hawksley Workman

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