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How You Know You’re Chinese

How You Know You’re Chinese

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As westernized as my family is there are still certain aspects that shine through from time to time when I am reminded of how Chinese we still are.  First how western influence has affected our meals: my entire family including my parents and grandmother all hate rice. We eat extremely minimal amounts.  We eat our meals on plates and not in bowls, with forks and chopsticks together.  We have our steak with bok choy.  Our rice noodles with spaghetti sauce.

Ah but tonight was my dad’s birthday dinner.  The 2nd this year (or is it 3rd?).  You see there’s a Chinese calendar it’s formally a Lunar calendar.  Because of how that all works my dad has his birthday on the typical western Roman calendar and then again on this Lunar calendar.  In some years he ends up with 3.

You see I only get one birthday a year and they tell me this doesn’t work for me because I’m born here in Canada on an English calendar.  What a sham.

The dead giveway you’re Asian/Chinese is hey when you order crab at a seafood restaurant – without fail – Grandma will count the number of claws and legs.  “This one is missing one. We’re getting ripped off!”

“Grandma ever think about when the crabs lose a claw fighting?”

There’s nothing like Grandma. 🙂

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  1. Hm. I think by your definition, I may just be Chinese*!

    *Commenter is not really Chinese.

  2. haha 🙂 It just cracks me up the crab/lobster claws. Yes even if they were ripping you off what are they doing? Collecting those extra claws to give an odd number to their extra special customers?

    I think I’ll be posting more Grandma wisdom

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