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Grandma Wisdom #1

Grandma Wisdom #1

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There’s a difference between knowledge and wisdom. Usually with age comes wisdom. My Grandma over the years has been churning out great short quotable snippets of the aforementioned wisdom. They often are humurous and coming from anyone younger would just sound silly, but they are so true.

So here’s a couple — Keep in mind that my Grandma doesn’t speak English so this is translated by my meager understading of Chinese in a semi-literal way.

This came completely out of the blue. My Grandma calls me and:

Grandma: “You can’t smell your own stink.”
Me: “Hey what the?? What are you saying?”
Grandma: “Oh I’m just saying that you can’t smell your own stink.”
Me: “Are you saying I stink?”
Grandma: “No, I’m just saying you can’t smell your own stink. You’re used to your own smell therefore you can’t smell your own stink.”
Me: “Sure I can, after a long day, a workout etc.”
Grandma: “Ahh, but you stink far before you can smell it on yourself and other people can smell it first.”

You know after much thought. It’s very true! Some people stink but they obviously don’t realize it and like my Grandma’s other dispensible wisdom: Only a family member would say anything to your face about it. You don’t go up to stank strangers and tell them they reek. You’re usually too polite to say anything about friends who stink unless it’s overboard.

There is that strange stage of nose tingling yet not overly repulsive stink. I think that’s what she was talking about.

You’ve been warned, now go wash yourself.

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