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Love, War & Harper

Love, War & Harper

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Canada is generally known as being a loving and accepting country with no real qualms with any other country in the world it is an incredibly peace loving nation. Our involvement in the war over the past year has been garnering far more attention as more and more Canadian soldiers are killed in action.

When Harper become elected as our current Prime Minister I was thinking that there could be some real chances for him to make some vital changes and in general be a Prime Minister that isn’t overly made fun of…like Paul Martin. There is one thing in common that Harper and Martin share, and that is their stance on Canada’s involvement on the war.

“If I were prime minister, we would not be involved in Iraq. I would encourage the Americans and hope they’re successful, but our government would not be there.” Conservative Leader Stephen Harper, Dec. 13, 2005 at a press conference in Trenton, Ont.

Ok somewhere along the way that totally changed. In May of this year the mandate for Canada’s limited mission involvement in Afghanistan was expiring. However, the Harper government pushed a motion through the House of Commons with very minimal debate which extends Canada’s involvement in Afghanistan until February 2009!

When Harper came to office it was the first time in 12 years our government was not run by the Liberals. I thought it would be nice to have a Conservative leader, if for anything just to see what they could do for the country. Now that it’s been pushing 2 years now I’m not so sure I’m liking any of it.

The Vancouver Art Gallery steps is constantly a host to numerous marches and protests. Saturday Oct.28 will be no different. There’s a meetup at the Waterfront Skytrain Station at 12 Noon with the march commencing at 1pm and a rally at 2pm at the VAG organized by the StopWar effort.

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  1. Good luck with the rally. Unfortunately, I think we’re all in this Middle East thing for the long haul. I’d like to think we’re do some good, but there had to be some other way of doing it!

  2. While it may seem confusing for some, Harper’s stance never actually changed.

    If you look at the quote from your press release, you’ll note that he was talking about Iraq – not Afghanistan. They are two very different conflicts. While the USA and Britain lead a “coalition of the willing” in Iraq, the NATO mission in Afghanistan is actually endorsed by the UN. It is a challenging mission with no guarantee of success and will require the inevitable deaths of some of our forces from Taliban fighters and suicide bombers.

    It is, nonetheless, a mission worth doing. A very brief reading of the history of the oppression of Afghans under the Taliban and their harboring of the world’s most dangerous terrorists would show you why.

  3. Why is it the Canadian Media don’t publish how many have died and have been injured since Jan 2006? It makes one think the Canadian Media is bought and paid for by the government of the day. Does this really seem like a democracy or any true kind of freedom, I think not.

    We in Canada are being lied to every day, and this shows me that the federal government doesn’t really care.

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