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The Big Leap

The Big Leap

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I was reminded today of just how strange life is. I found out another friend who recently came out of a long term relationship is now suddenly engaged to become married. This is the 3rd friend in the span of 2 months that has been through this experience.

People say that this is quite normal since most people who come out of such long term relationships know exactly what they want and don’t want in another person. There is no making mistakes and discovering yourself you’ve already done that. Granted I suppose the person you end up engaged to should probably know themselves well enough for it to work out.

This also seems to be happening with friends who are now quitting careers and jobs for which they’ve been working for years. I suppose after committing so much time you invariably discover where your passions lie and what things are important to you.

So as the new year approaches, let me encourage you to go and discover yourself if you haven’t already and really learn what you’re all about. Your passions, your loves, your hates, your annoyances and find what really defines you and what compliments that.

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