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GVRD Drinking Water Advisory

GVRD Drinking Water Advisory

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Wow this drinking water advisory we have in effect right now is very reminiscent of Y2K.  So many stores have a shortage on bottled water.  On top of that everyone is in a foul mood since majority of coffee shops are all closed up since it takes water to brew coffee.  I have heard that there are a few shops here and there that are making coffee with pre-boiled water.

I just hope that people heeded the warning early and kept enough to brush their teeth with.  You would think Vancouver would be slightly more prepared for something like this.  Especially with previous year’s mudslides that evacuated some people from their West/North Vancouver homes. This year again there’s numerous floodings and people evacuated until their homes can be deemed safe.

I sure hope we learn from this one and have better water contingency plans.

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