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On the tail of processing my whole Mexico experience I’ve been trying to re-assess my perspectives and views once again. Things have definitely been a little odd lately and life has been acting up. I think there’s a reason why life doesn’t come with a “strange occurance return policy”.

I had my first conversation EVER with my father about relationships. No not relationships in general but “relationships”. Yes that’s right, with the opposite sex as in significant other. It was the most bizarre because my dad who normally has quite the tact with other people does not hold this same tact with me.

We were both shopping for new tires for our car and perhaps in all honesty it’s the bonding factor of father and son doing guy stuff together that spurred it on. Perhaps he felt obligated. I normally enjoy deep stimulating conversations with friends and stranger alike, yet when it came to embarking on such a conversation with my father… I was struck. Not in awe like awestruck, but struck like someone threw a shoe at my head.

What gives? I couldn’t handle it, I didn’t know how to navigate the waters on that one. I vaguely recall what was said. Something about me getting closer to 30 and perhaps I have far to high standards for a significant other. Also there was something about my father suggesting I explore a more romantic interest in a few of the female friends that he actually remembers the names of. You know what I did? I looked out the window at the red light and said “Hey look at that Mazda 3, it has those Michellin Hydroedge tires you were looking at.” With that I deftly ended the conversation.

One week later it was a case of deja vu (If deja vu allowed for the substitution of key people and locations). This time it was my mother and I bonding over making dinner. I NEVER make dinner with my mom. Again this was the first time EVER my mom and I talked about relationships. Yes the same type of relationship talk I had with my father only a week prior.

You know I always assumed anything I told my dad would reach my mom and vice versa. Heck I always assumed this true with any family member. At least that’s how it worked in the past. Unless of course she was purposely pretending like she didn’t hear about my father and I’s conversation.

Anyways it goes the same direction as the conversation with my father with the additional topic of tattoos in general, mine, and what people think of them etc. I quickly leave the conversation again.

Fast forward to Saturday and it’s my cousin’s wedding. I enter the reception and catch up with the younger cousin who promptly asks if I have a girlfriend. After her discoveries she quickly embarks on attempting to hook me up with some of her friends. Shortly after, this process repeats with my aunt. I’m seriously starting to consider leaving.

To make matters worse my parents are flipping through the photos on my camera and happen upon the photos of my snowboarding excursion earlier in the week. My mom makes the comment “Melissa’s very pretty, is she your girlfriend?”

“No mom, I’ve told you before she has a boyfriend and that she’s just a friend I get along very well with.”

“Oh well you have so many pretty girl (read female) friends, I don’t know which one is your girlfriend”

To which I simply ignore. This line always comes up to embarrass me at these types of gatherings numerous times over my life.

I simply am not familiar with discussing such issues with my parents, nor do I understand why everyone is out looking for a girlfriend for me. Have my choices been so horrible?

Don’t answer that.

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