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Snail Mail Makes Me Happy

Snail Mail Makes Me Happy

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MailIn a time when snail mail practically only exists to bring you bad news in the form of bills and good news in the form of magazine subscriptions, it makes me incredibly happy to receive snail mail.

My friend Wai sent me a Christmas card. I even got a HO HO HO stamp as many will see from Canada Post on mail arriving this time of year. Even my parents have started to send less and less Christmas cards. I remember in years past when in November my mom would have a stack of cards and envelopes on the dining room table after dinner. My job was to seal the envelopes and lick the stamps, now all the stamps are stickers and it doesn’t take numerous nights to write cards.

CardEveryone just sends e-cards which I find totally cheesy, please don’t ever send me one (anyone remember Blue Mountain? … oh wait that place is still around). This year if you are set on sending something to someone, Officemax has created/sponsored a site called Elf Yourself. You can upload a photo of yourself and it’ll take your face and put it onto a silly dancing elf. If you must send someone something online, at least send something completely ridiculous like yourself elfed.

Anyways so Wai sent me this Christmas card and sadly it’ll probably be sitting all by it’s lonesome on my shelf this year as most people don’t send physical cards anymore. Thanks Wai! Come visit soon!

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  1. I agree. Snail mail still has that personal touch – plus those e-vites can carry nasty viruses.

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