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It Sounded Like Gun Shots!

It Sounded Like Gun Shots!

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I think “It sounded like gun shots!” is probably the most annoying cliche in news these days. It’s usually used by witnesses to some sort of newsworthy event. In case you haven’t heard, the BC Place Stadium roof deflated yesterday due to high winds and a tear in the roof.

This was the first time I’ve heard anyone use “It sounded like gunshots!” to describe a big flapping piece of roof. How about “It sounded like a giant piece of fabric flapping in the wind!”?

Honestly, most people probably have never even heard a real gun shot.  The closest would be a sound effect from a movie or TV show.  In either case everything sounds like a gun shot.  Just look for such headlines as: “Tire blows out on truck.”, “Wind tears (insert any object) from (insert any building).”, “Kids break windows at local school.”, “Mailbox falls over on postal worker”, or “Beluga whale farts at the aquarium”.

I hope I’m never caught saying that if I’m ever found in front of a news camera.

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