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In a short span of time I’ve had a maelstrom of mindful matters surface. All relatively important (well at least that’s what I think at this point in time). I’m not sure what to think. It’s tough when situation and timing just don’t pan out for you the way you expect. This I find true especially when you meet someone you just have this extreme comfort with and mutual understanding. However the situations and timing just don’t permit much of anything other than waiting for what the future holds. One day you discover you’ve invested more than you anticipated regardless of how nonchalant you try to play it.

This isn’t just with people either. Our generation in particular is probably the one constantly getting the spotlight for spending the most time “discovering” ourselves. Discovering ourselves in other people, our hobbies and interests. I’ve heard many times before from adults how life just fall into place and not to worry so much. We’re a generation that defines our identity by our lifestyle, our work, and our friends.

I’d like to believe that at a quarter of a century that my personality and identity are solidifying. My views, my thoughts and lessons learned are starting to set in. Someone made a good point about how many people define themselves by the work they do. They adopt their work as their identity.

It certainly comprises much of our adult life, but does it really play such a primary role? I’d like to think there are more important things in life that we should identify by. What is identity anyways? It’s just a collection of everything we have decided to define ourselves by. The friends we keep, the work we do, the things we enjoy, the hobbies we have, and other little nuances that give us our uniqueness?

Identity is the distinction in personality that sets us apart from others. I think that person was right, it just falls into place with time. It’s time that further distinguishes us as we move along and accrue further experiences.

Well with that said and done. Work has got me pretty busy lately at least for 1 full solid month on this new contract. It’ll be interesting to see how I emerge at the end and what new things I’ll have picked up.

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