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My Friend Howard Johnson

My Friend Howard Johnson

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Howard JohnsonSo Howard Johnson has been my friend and will continue to be so for the rest of the month. It’s mildly depressing quite honestly. I’ve pretty much been in and out of a suitcase for the past half year. Some of it by choice and some of it not.

This time around it’s for work. I’m the videographer for a tour traveling across Canada. I’m only taking care of the western portion so right now I’m in Calgary and will be making stops in Edmonton and Banff.

Anyways if anyone knows of anything fun to do in these cities please let me know, I’m certainly starting to see why youth hear commit crimes out of boredom.

This Howard Johnson is a little on the ghetto side with hot/cold faucets reversed. Hot water that sometimes doesn’t work and other random oddities. In fact I can hear all the guests staying above me and beside me.

Calgary Winterfest is pretty interesting, with various cultural events. I believe Brazilian Carnival is coming up this weekend.

Well till I have net access again.

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