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A Dozen People In A Dozen Cities

A Dozen People In A Dozen Cities

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So I’m currently writing this from a pseudo-basement laundry room of a hotel. I’m waiting for my laundry to finish drying. I’m finding this last little stretch of this work contract to be a bit tiring.

I’m almost done hanging out with the random people I know and have recently met on the road. Next stop will be Edmonton and then Banff and then I finally get to return home.

These random hanging outs have been great for catching up with acquaintances and old friends. My phone bill is astronomical and I have a crazy credit card bill coming. I’m hoping my per diem will cover most of it.

Hanging out in pubs and bars and going for food/drinks with random people I’ve met have definitely been on the rise and quite interesting. Some friends call them “dates” I just view them as a cure for boredom and loneliness. In all honesty there’s some pretty weird people in Calgary. Plenty of great people, but also plenty of bizarre.

Regardless they give me stories and it’s certainly better than sitting in a hotel room bored out of my mind. I’m considering bungee jumping at West Edmonton mall as I’ve just learned they have it indoors over their wave pool.

Anyways my clothes are done and so am I. Till the next time.

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