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Jobs In Calgary

Jobs In Calgary

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Burger KingAlberta is definitely the place to be in Canada if you’re looking for a job. Especially with the boosted economy from the oil boom. Honestly though, this is insane. Have you ever heard of a fast food joint giving a signing bonus?

That’s right this Burger King I drove by on Macleod Trail in Calgary has a $1000 bonus. They’re not the only ones doing it either. There’s practically a “now hiring” sign in every single window of every business in town.

So if you need work you know where to move to. Pay is high at most places too. It’s certainly not the measly minimum wage.

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  1. GravatarUmberto

    I am a landed immigrant of canada back went back to the philippines having found it hard to look for work. i am ardently looking for work before i go back to canada, and according to some friends, calgary is the place to go. please share some tips where and how to eventually land a job, initially through internet, and when the job offer is firm, i can go back to canada.


  2. GravatarCesar Augusto Gonzalez

    Hi: I´m Mexican and I´m 33 years old. My wife is working in Calgary, I don´t speak english well, but I can learn it very fast. My passport expires in 2012. All I need is a chance to work in Calgary. What can I do to get a job??

    Thank you

  3. Calgary is definitely a hot spot for work, predominately with the Oil companies and in general. You’d essentially need to apply for a work visa details are at the Government website:

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