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Marriott Courtyard

Marriott Courtyard

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Marriott CourtyardSo today was a long day involving a drive up to Edmonton from Calgary and working all day. I’m finally checked into the hotel and it’s pretty nice. The Marriott Courtyard.  Nice King size bed and king size room with panoramic windows and nice fluffy carpets and soaker tub. Valet parking, high speed internet etc.

It’s definitely a nice finish to a long hard day.  Unfortunately I still have to edit and compile over 278 short video clips and get them uploaded to the net. Tomorrow is another long day. I’m hoping there’ll be time to do the bungee jump at the West Edmonton Mall.  It’s actually pretty reasonably priced.Anyways after this short little stop and Banff I’ll finally be able to go back home.

It’s been a long month. I’ve been pretty much been working 10-12 hour days literally every single day for the past month now.  Once this contract is over it’ll be time to relax slightly and then possibly move on to bigger better things.

In the mean time I’ll just concentrate on this for now.

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