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Graphical Goodness

Graphical Goodness

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I was talking to Eric the other day about how in all it’s geeky glory, it would be cool to graph out weird random things. Perhaps things like how much I pay for gas and where I go for gas, how often I actually eat breakfast, and other random tidbits.

Well quite honestly those are a waste of my precious time (of course this has never deterred me in the past). Well with my most recent work contract having me meet and see over 3000+ people in 20 different locales in 5 different cities, I noticed that people are very interesting creatures.
In general people are friendly and trusting. For example I’d have people I just meet volunteer unnecessary information. You’ve probably noticed it too. You ask a yes or no question, but before they answer they’ll give you a huge long story — of extraneous info.

I find that quite interesting. As a result I’m going to look into charting and observing social behaviour on a social networking site. I’ll even graph out the geeky goodness that comes about as a result of this. In the process who knows, maybe I’ll make some great new acquaintances / friends.

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