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Peter Bjorn and John

Peter Bjorn and John

Spewed out 11 years, 10 months ago at 10:54 pm

Fujiya & Miyagi The music of Peter Bjorn and John has been making a splash lately and I had the opportunity to check them out on tour as they passed through Vancouver. Their opening acts were Fujiya & Miyagi and Elizabeth Sharp performing as Ill Ease. Ill Ease opened it up but thank goodness I arrived late and only had to sit through 2 of her songs. I couldn’t stand her voice! I mean she’s a talented lass taking care of playing the drums, guitar, and various other instruments.

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Referrer Spam

Referrer Spam

Spewed out 11 years, 10 months ago at 4:50 pm

Recently I’ve noticed my site getting hit pretty hard with ::wikipedia(“referer spam”, “referrer spam”):: and I think I brought it on myself. Essentially what spammer’s are doing now is using bots to visit your site with a fake referrer. So when you peruse your stats and decide to click on these referrers you end up visiting their spammy sites.

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Spewed out 11 years, 10 months ago at 1:35 am

Yes that’s right. I had the most awkward conversation today with my father. I think he’s attempting to make up for my childhood. For the past few weeks he’s been sending me email forwards regarding relationships, namely the type between parents and their children.

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Microsoft Is So Lame

Microsoft Is So Lame

Spewed out 11 years, 10 months ago at 12:00 am

Once again I’ve been crippled by another stupid MS issue. It’s the blasted svchost.exe runaway process. Everytime I boot up it uses 99% of my cpu for extended periods of time. It’s related to the windows update feature. A quick fix to stop it was simply disabling automatic updates. If windows weren’t so buggy and attack prone, I wouldn’t be so worried.

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  • Check this out. Someone took the time to draw a pic of Homer Simpson purely in CSS.

  • Not feeling safe at night? How about a table that turns into a shield and bat?

  • Seeing as I will most likely never climb Everest, this will have to do.  Someone has kindly created this 360 Degree panorama of the view from the top.


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