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Microsoft Is So Lame

Microsoft Is So Lame

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Once again I’ve been crippled by another stupid MS issue. It’s the blasted svchost.exe runaway process. Everytime I boot up it uses 99% of my cpu for extended periods of time. It’s related to the windows update feature. A quick fix to stop it was simply disabling automatic updates. If windows weren’t so buggy and attack prone, I wouldn’t be so worried.

Anyways all so called solutions for this svchost problem don’t seem to be fixing it for me. I’ve tried manually re-registering all windows update related DLL files. I’ve tried safemode, I’ve tried just about everything you can find in a search online about, including installing the standalone update agent mean to deploy mass updates to a network. I’m on the brink of trashing Windows and restarting again.

Microsoft is fully aware of the issue as outlined by this Knowledge Base article. Which then directs me to download this so-called hotfix which did absolutely nothing for me in terms of resolving the issue. I hate you Microsoft. I’d almost blame the PC. However I know these issues don’t happen with my Linux machine. Unfortunately certain software I use can only run on Windows. GAHH!

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