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Yes that’s right. I had the most awkward conversation today with my father. I think he’s attempting to make up for my childhood. For the past few weeks he’s been sending me email forwards regarding relationships, namely the type between parents and their children.

I’m not sure if this is also spurred on by the fact that Mother’s day is fast approaching, but something must have triggered all this activity. The big shocker is my father’s invite to spend a day down in Seattle visiting some of my favourite restaurants. In case you haven’t been paying attention one of my all time favourite restaurants in the world resides in Seattle. The other in Sydney, Australia. Seattle is much closer.

So Tuesday is the day this will all go down. He cleared his busy business schedule for this. I’m almost not expecting this to go through, but we’ll see and I’ll keep everyone posted. I wonder what we will be talking about on the trip down. Perhaps he’ll ask me again if I’m too picky with girls and I should lower my expectations. Awkward is all I have to say.

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