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Referrer Spam

Referrer Spam

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Recently I’ve noticed my site getting hit pretty hard with ::wikipedia(“referer spam”, “referrer spam”):: and I think I brought it on myself. Essentially what spammer’s are doing now is using bots to visit your site with a fake referrer. So when you peruse your stats and decide to click on these referrers you end up visiting their spammy sites.

They’re essentially you’re typical fleshy, pharmaceutical, gambling type of sites. It doesn’t really benefit the spammer’s all that much normally, however some people publicly publish their web stats which results in these sites getting free links to their site essentially.

I brought on the onslaught of bots visiting my site by curiously clicking on links which for me tend to come from free web hosting services which in turn logs my site in their referrer logs. Seeing their success, I suspect they unleashed the rest of their bots to continue putting more referrer hits on my logs.

Tip to everyone? Stop clicking on the really obvious spam urls in your logs, if you’re super curious copy and past the url to a new tab/window so you don’t log yourself as a referrer.

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