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NYC Day 1

NYC Day 1

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As much as I enjoy the process of traveling it can really grind on your nerves sometimes, especially when the destination is a place you are extremely excited about. I am glad that after 10+ hours of transporting myself via various means from Vancouver to Seattle to Houston to New York, I am finally here and finished with a day.

My time is a bit thrown off due to the lack of sleep as well as a 2.5 hour layover in Houston which is 2 hours ahead PST. Then another little hour of time change once I hit NYC. There is something just extremely invigorating about walking about New York that totally re-energized me.
Some might say it’s the excitement, but I finally got to catch some sleep last night, however I’ve only slept 4 hours and feel great and ready to go!

I arrived at the airport, hopped a cab to my cousin’s place, grabbed a new NYC cell phone for use here, ate a meal, cut some copies of keys, headed out to happy hour to celebrate a promotion, and then headed out to K-Town for karaoke.

Drank a ton of liquor, made some new friends (other yelpers) and met up with a few old and just had an amazing time.  Great company makes the biggest difference especially when you know you’re running on fumes.  There’s a certain element that just lights up a room when everyone’s having a blast.

So today is the Independance Day for which I’m sure it’ll just be another boozy holiday much like Canada Day.  I’ll be checking out the American Ballet presentation: Cinderella at the Met and hob-knobbing on a rooftop somewhere in Manhattan checking out the fireworks.

I’m off to a relaxing start and hope to meet more great people and find out more about working / moving down here.

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