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NYC Psychoanalysis

NYC Psychoanalysis

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I was reading up on a personal posting on another blog when it triggered something within me. It started with me questioning the content of my blog, how at one point in time it was a simple documentation of what I was doing and offered just a surface level view into my life. It slowly progressed into some more personal postings and as I realized how cathartic it was to hash out your inner emotions, it got deeper and deeper.

It was ok though, as the people reading it were strangers or people close enough to understand. I honestly don’t have an issue with strangers, but it’s the people who are closest to you who are the ones that can also hurt you the most. I think this is what happened and as a result I started editing my thoughts and being less open as well as posting less detail.

Anyways back to the point. This other blog posting I was reading triggered something. I’ve realized it’s been just over a year ago. There are still issues that linger within that I’m sure would give any shrink a run for their money in their quest to analyze it. However, throughout this past year there have been so many things that have happened that have developed and brought growth to my personality and character. So many of these things that I wouldn’t have realized if I didn’t consciously look back and assess.

This past year has defined many things that I foresee will remain a part of my character. Events that redefined my perspective on people, relationships, career, and the important things in life. It’s honestly been a painful year which is characteristic of change that is good. I’ve felt such great emotional pain with relationships. Relationships with the opposite sex, relationships with friends, professional relationships, and relationships with family.

Through stepping into other people’s shoes I’ve seen what great relationships are made of and I’m ready to replicate those in my own.

This trip I’m on to New York has been great for many reasons. It unambiguously marks a new chapter. I’ve met people that know the difference between professional vs personal relationships and how to maintain the two distinctions admist the same connection. I’m reminded that a positive family relationship can come from other sources of family. I’m also reminded that there are some people who you just have a great mutual understanding and connection. I’m reminded that there’s no need to have known someone for a certain amount of time for it to be “ok”.

After 2 years of having my thinking and understanding so warped…I’m glad I’ve moved on from that and that things are finally starting to “get right” so to speak.

On another personal note after witnessing a healthy 3 yr relationship hit it’s anniversary, I think I’m ready for one again as well. Like the blog I was reading said so well…”I’m single. Which isn’t really a bad thing, but I realize I am much happier when I am in a relationship.” (paraphrased)

As well this hasn’t been proofread…it’s just streaming from my head…hope it makes sense.

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