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Do The Whirlwind!

Do The Whirlwind!

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Wow what a wild adventure. I’ve trotted in a triangle through the states to reach NYC and it was totally worth it. In my pursuit of happiness (not happyness), I discovered it definitely lies in NYC. Vancouver? It’s great, I love it with all my heart. Like lovers who’ve parted ways due to circumstance, it’s my city and I’ll always brag about it and talk it up. When it comes down to me here and now however, I need room to stretch, grow and develop further. New York provides that for me without me missing Vancouver. Other cities? No way, I couldn’t stand Toronto. Definitely not Calgary.

Anyways I’m super duper tired, as I literally got back in last night, worked this morning..and now should really be in bed. So keep your eyes peeled and I promise I’ll update this with photos and a proper recap of everything that went down.

Goodnight all you lovely people!

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