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I think both my brain and body are going on strike. How fitting seeing that so many of the Vancouver public workers are all on strike. I’m playing mad catch up with work both the regular stuff, the contract stuff, and of course the uber secret NDA stuff.

Amongst all this craziness I’ve been having quite the nutty array of dreams lately. They all involve New York in some sort of capacity. I won’t delve into it too deeply simply due to the fact I’m probably delirious from the ongoing 4-5 hours of sleep I’ve been averaging since my return from le grand pomme.

I have been scrambling to upload photos and record down as many memories as possible, because as we all know those are definitely fleeting. Of course my recap of NY will be coming soon enough, because dispite what I say some great moments and memories were had and they will be with me forever.

In the meantime I continue to declare my love for NYC and the special people that compose it. You all know who you are. Keep it human. (I picked that up from work…sorry)

To give you a hint, some of my stress induced dreams are reminiscent of CSI:NY. GAH!

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