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NYC Recap

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So it’s been about a month since I’ve come back from New York and like I promised here’s my recap. This has been sitting as a draft for awhile now and I figured it’s time for it to see the light of day.

I’ll keep it relatively short.

Ok I lied it probably won’t be that short. So Eric & Carol were kind enough to drive me down to Seatac to catch my flight over to NYC via Houston. Of course what Seatown trip is complete without stopping off at Ivar’s first? After some delicious chowder I got dropped at Seatac and that was the beginning of a horrendous flight experience. Having to sit amongst numerous overweight people that require the seatbelt extension means minimal room for me. Which means I was quite irritated. Add to that the obnoxious kids and babies crying (yes I know they can’t help it, it seriously tried my patience. I was almost glad for the stop over as it offered an opportunity to escape that wildness.

Afterwards I managed my sneaky ways of getting a different seat in an aisle all my own on the way to NYC (perhaps I’ll share the secret if you ask). I arrived in NYC and decided to cab it to Alex’s as I was just too exhausted to make the walk/bus ride. Like I mentioned before there’s something strangely invigorating about NYC because after I dropped off the bags and changed I was ready to go. My first stop was picking up a local phone to use and shortly after that was my subway pass and some food at Mike’s Diner (That’s the name of the place not a friend Mike’s place…although ironically the head chef guy looks like Michael Ironside).

Group ShotAfter all that I ended up bumping down over to Tammy’s. It was nice to see her place again and not have to worry about past experiences. We all headed out to K-Town where we ended up meeting up with some other people at Player’s Sports Lounge for some good old karoake. What karaoke is complete without some liquid courage present? So amongst some new found friends we all belted out some great tunes and it would be here that I would meet some great new people that were so extremely welcoming and inviting over various times throughout the trip.

PssstThere were plenty of fun times had by me, but my main goal was to get a few interviews in for jobs. I must say that I was so incredibly amazed at how willing people are to help you out and generally friendly. New York has always had that horrible stereotype of being a harsh city, but I think it pales in comparison to Vancouver. I mean people in Vancouver aren’t necessarily mean spirited, it’s just as a city we are extremely West Coast laid back and into ourselves. I think the main thing is the fact that we are so into ourselves that we don’t respond well to any strangers and we’re immediately defensive. Ah well that’s material for another post.

FireworksThe second day I was there was the Fourth of July and seeing that I kind of missed Canada Day celebrations in NYC (They celebrated June 29th in Central park) I was going to be a patriotic American for the day. I actually spent the earlier part of the day doing some work I still had to finish up and then went exploring in the neighbourhood of Astoria. Later on I met up with Tammy and friends to catch the ballet rendition of Cinderella at the Met.

CinderellaI was particularly interested in this one as the male lead (The Prince) was from the original production from Toronto. Go Canadia-land! It was great seeing those magnificent chandeliers finally in person. I was surprised to see the diversity in the audience in age. Being a matinee it was a bit more on the casual side too which is always a plus.

In the evening it was over to a roof top party which ended up being on the water affair at Tony’s place. Right on the East River with prime viewing of all three of the Macy’s Floats. Now that I’m safely out of the ear shot of drunken Americans I can safely say it was very typical of Americana. It was nothing particularly artistic or unique, just a HUGE amount of fireworks being set off as large and vibrant as possible…which was friggen cool awesome!

IMG_3088Another day I was able to stop at the MoMA and check out the exhibits. The rest of my day was pretty much swallowed up by the fact that the MoMA is just filled with everything I could possibly like. I spent hours upon hours just wandering, observing, and enjoying. Minus the annoying emo kid who was being all emo and sad in the way of the up escalator for a good 10 minutes blocking traffic, it was all amazing. I highly recommend it.

Triborough BridgeOne night Jen took me to Astoria Park which was simply breathtaking. It’s a whole other side of New York that I’ve never seen. Something you certainly don’t expect so close to Manhattan. It reminded me a lot of Stanley Park but on a smaller scale. I know it is partially due to great company, but it was strangely serene and peaceful. There wasn’t much hustle and bustle.

Main Concourse Of course I once again popped into Grand Central Station to check out the beautiful architecture and to people watch. Grabbed a coffee, had a great book I was working on, and a nice big comfy chair with people running about on their way to getting to their destinations. Yes I call that a great reading environment. I’m a total city boy, I can’t get enough of it.

Maru Later that night I discovered one of the most amazing deals that I’ve ever heard of. $12 all you can eat and all you can drink. $12!!! Is that insane or what? Happy hour is definitely where you meet and greet, I ended up bumping into the guy my cousin was trying to introduce me to but I would most likely miss during my trip. It all panned out well and after that was said and done, we bumped on over to one well designed bar called Maru. It looked like I was inside a space ship, but I loved it. The service was great and they made tasty drinks.

Beer Pong SetupThis was also the first time I learned how to play Beer Pong. I learned at a place called Off The Wagon in the Village. It was one crazy experience. FYI I got massively schooled by Jen’s co-worker Angela. After some more hobnobbing, Alex showed up already having had his fill of liquor at the office. We ended up going to Churrascaria Plataforma, a Brazilian steakhouse that’s set up all you can eat style. Let’s just say I’ve never had so much tasty meat in my life before. Simply amazing, it’s enough to turn you into a vegetarian afterwards.

Kristen & Friend on Subway Passengers on the Subway Deck 3 My final day was spent eating more at a delicious BBQ at Rocky’s place, talking to random people in the subway on the way back to Tammy’s, climbing Tammy’s fire escape to see what the view is like from a top her building, running around a completely dead Times Square with just me in the middle trying to see if Alex could see me on the Times Square live webcam. Bidding Tammy & Alex farewell and catching the bus to Newark. Quite the adventure I must say and I’m definitely looking forward to heading back as soon as possible. This is getting too long so you can always ask for more details in person.

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  1. GravatarJen

    dude…. that was an amazing recap. I don’t see how you crammed everything into a few paragraphs! How awesome!!!! Can’t wait til you come back. Hurry!

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