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Don’t Miss It Till It’s Gone

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People keep telling me I won’t miss it till it’s gone in respect to various things. I think I’m operating on some weird plane of existence right now, because honestly I’m not missing much of anything at this point in time.  Perhaps it’s my whirlwind adventure of wrapping up one chapter of life and starting a new one in a short period of time.

Combine this with the fact that I’m sick and coughing up a storm and I think it’s pretty clear I just don’t have the time to miss much.  I’m sure it’ll eventually come trickling down the line and then at that point I hope I have established myself well enough that I don’t fall into some wacky depressive state.

I’m sure it’ll be alright, in the mean time my life 2.0 is about to begin.  It’s weird starting at zero.  $0. Zero resistance. Zero credit history. Zero life.

On the other hand there’s been a lot of great people I’ve met from a few months ago that have been so welcoming and helpful, I’m looking forward to moving forward.

To make Grandma happy…I’ll try to find a girl by Christmas haha.

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  1. Gravatarjoe

    hey, hope nyc is treating you alright so far… i have yet to visit still ;p

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