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Trevor Shea

Shining A Spotlight On Tattoo Artist Trevor Shea

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There are some pretty darned cool people in Vancouver who many never hear of. In an effort to inform and expand, I’ve decided to try to start a new regular series putting the spotlight on a Vancouverite you all may find interesting or cool. If you know of someone you think is deserving feel free to use the “Suggest a Story” over on the right there -> to let me know and I might pick up on it.

Without further ado…the who? Trevor Shea

I met Trevor a few years back when researching Tattoo Artists for getting my first tatt which brought me to the amazing tattoo work and art work (other than tattoos) that he produces. I immediately wanted his calibre of work to adorn my body permanently.

Tracking him down to his place of work (at that point Sacred Heart Studios) I made sure my appointment was with him. Trevor unlike many other artists I met immediately came off differently. Extremely humble and down to earth with no air of pretentiousness, I knew I found a gem of an artist and person.

Even in writing this little spotlight, I’m a little apprehensive in sharing with the Vancouver community the talent and overall amazing experience I’ve had as I wish to keep it my little secret. Since those days at Sacred Heart you see, Trevor’s moved on to his own little studio See No Evil . Much like his quiet demeanor, he sees a quiet flow of existing clients and those that hear of him from word of mouth.

He has this ability to read your personality and fully visualize your ideas and churn out designs that match exactly what you had in mind with eery clarity and that is what makes him so special and cool. It’s surprising how many people I’ve met where I ask about their amazing tattoos and discover they were also done by Trevor.

In addition to his tattooing, he is one amazing artist providing designs to Sidual not to mention someone who is wonderfully deep and enlightening to talk to.

Now that I’ve lifted the lid, you can check out his work at his site See No Evil and if he’s curious how you heard of him you can let him know Tim mentioned him on this very blog.

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