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How To Test If Dishes Are Microwave Safe

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So I just bought a microwave today and low and behold I learn something new.  I learned it from reading the manual.  Yes, I was that bored.

Who needs a manual to function a microwave? I mean they’ve pretty much worked the same for the past 20 years. Punch in a time and punch in start.  Who out there actually uses those extra fancy buttons? I don’t know a soul that uses any of those buttons. The auto defrost, popcorn popper and reheat buttons rarely ever work. Unless it’s a crazy expensive one that has all those fancy sensors to automatically cook things.

Well what I did surprisingly learn from the manual was how to tell if dishes are safe for use in a microwave.

Here’s how you test your dishes.  Essentially you want to make sure your dishes don’t heat up.  Obviously your dish will get hot because of the *content* getting hot, yet at the same time it’s not good for your microwave if you’ve got it going with no food content inside.  So how is this addressed? The smart people at GE put in their manual instructions on just how to do this.

The manual for this GE microwave I had suggested you fill a measuring cup with 1 cup of water which you then place inside or on the bowl / plate you’re testing.  Turn the microwave on for no more than 1 minute.  If the plate/bowl without the water in it gets hot then it’s NOT safe for use in the microwave.

Anyways as usual I just found this cool, it’s most likely trust worthy being in this manual but again I take no responsibility for how you use this info or if you mess up your microwave, dishes or your face.

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