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Samsung T10 Mp3 Player

Samsung T10 vs Sandisk Sansa e280 Mp3 Player

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Once again the viral marketing company Matchstick has so kindly sent me a free Samsung T10 Mp3 player. I was sent the 2GB Black version to check out. That’s right, for you faithful readers they’re the same marketing company that sent me the Nokia 6682 that I wrote about. If you read a lot of Vancouver blogs you’ll probably notice a few others are participating in this as well. Like Rebecca over at Miss 604.

So there’s my disclaimer, you can now proceed and form your own judgment based on my impressions of this player.

I’ve been a little slow with posting about this particular player as I wanted to get a real thorough run through of this player. Since I received this slightly before it became commercially available I decided to see wait to see what it would be priced at as well.

Like most gadget fiends these days, I’ve found something that I like and it’s going to take something that I find more impressive and useful that will really move me to replace what I’ve got. So with that said, there were a few things I think that might unfairly affect my impression of the Samsung T10 player.

  1. I received this player along with an accessory. I very wicked one. The Samsung SBH170 Stereo Bluetooth headset (which I can’t locate on the Samsung Canada site or at any of the local big box electronic retailers)
  2. I absolutely love my cheap robust and perfectly weighted Sandisk Sansa E280 8GB player that I would invariably compare this player to.
  3. I have a friend who works deep within Samsung who has had negative things to say about their players, so I’m a bit skeptical.

Samsung T10 2GB Black Mp3 Player

Samsung SBH170 Stereo Bluetooth HeadsetHere’s some generic pics of the player and head set I received, seeing as you probably don’t really care about the craptastic photos I have of them that I captured with my busted camera (If any marketing companies want to send me a camera you’re more than welcome to contact me *grin*).

If you do want to see “real” pics you can always peep the ones over on Rebecca’s Blog. Where she has taken some much better photos.

One thing that has always been impressive is Samsung’s displays. Like many others, my first exposure to the company was through their computer monitors. Absolutely some of the best bang for buck deals is with Samsung. Unsurprisingly, the T10 gets a very pleasant to look at display.

Here’s a quick run down of what I liked and disliked.

The player itself is an ambitious one, cramming a ton of features into it.  There’s the bluetooth (2.0), fm radio, video, photos, mp3s, voice recorder, and text file viewing.  Unfortunately with all these features 2 GB is simply too little storage space, I would probably not purchase this version of it as a result.

It boasts a “comfortable grip” on the Samsung web site which to me I found to be not that comfortable. Maybe for smaller hands? The top and bottom of the player is angled which I found rather annoying when you hold it horizontal to view videos.  In fact I found it would often cause it to slip/squirt out of my grip, I would much preferred it if it were just a squared edge.  As well it’s a very feather weighted device, which makes it feel like you really have to baby the device.  I like that balance of small size with a weighty feel to my gadgets suggesting that it won’t break if i drop it.

The nice thing about the GUI is it is fairly customizable so you can really have it display things the way you want.  According to the Samsung site you’re also able to make/receive calls on your bluetooth cell phone directly from the T10.  I haven’t been able to figure this one out and scouring the PDF manual that you can download (it only comes with the quick start guide out of the box), returned no results for me.

The sound quality out of this little player is better than my Sansa, however the earbuds that come with the player make it really sound tinny. You’ll definitely want to upgrade to better ear/head phones.  Paired with this bluetooth stereo headset however, this player is definitely a great experience.

I’m very impressed with the headset especially with how seamlessly it switches between playing music off my T10 to picking up call off my Blackberry Curve, to resuming music afterwards.

I think I would only consider giving up my Sansa player though if the player were a minimum of 8GB of storage.  Especially if you’re like me where I like to have entire albums on my player.  If you’re the type to just have mp3s of songs you like then it’s perfectly fine and there’s enough room to have the occasional photos and short videos.

All in all, it’s a great player.  The touch sensitive buttons work great and everything is just perfect but they might as well just have a 4gb model as their lowest capacity since anything less really doesn’t let you fully utilize the capabilities.

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4 Comments, Comment or Ping

  1. Gravatarchristopher

    i rather pick the t10

  2. GravatarJON

    I already want a green T10

  3. GravatarNelly

    Samsung T10 is better than Sandisk Sansa e280 MP3.

  4. GravatarJosh

    i had a sansa sandisk but like a month afta i got it it busted so i got a green t10

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